Village Inn Customer Feedback Survey

Customers prefer Village Inn when they seek to have a wonderful gastronomical experience. Village Inn serves their customers the best pancakes and breakfast. Village Inn has been serving fresh pancakes, waffles, and pies for five decades now.

They have over two hundred stores serving fresh breakfast, their outlets can even be located at this link,

Village Inn has introduced this survey to maintain close relations with customer preferences. Village Inn Customer Feedback Survey serves as a way to keep an eye on new opportunities, consumer attitude, customer satisfaction and quality of service.

Village Inn conducts the survey to keep in touch with the customer preferences and understand the reason behind the consumer’s choices.


What is Village Inn?

Village Inn is a popular breakfast house that serves delicious waffles, pancakes, etc. they are also open for lunch and dinner. The Village Inn is famous for its pies which can be ordered in store as well as online at their online handle,

They have been in business since 1958, with the opening of their first Village Inn outlet in Denver. The first franchisee of Village Inn was established in 1961.

They have over 200 functioning outlets all over United States and New Mexico which just adds on to their brand quality of food and service.

What do you require to participate in the survey?

The pre-requisites to participate in Village Inn Customer Feedback Survey are as below,

  • A smartphone, PC or a laptop with good internet connection
  • An invoice or receipt of your purchase at the store or the company’s online handle.
  • Good language skills required especially, English.
  • The participant should be thirteen years old or above to be eligible to avail of the service.

How to take Survey

To take the survey, follow the following procedure.

  • Provide your details such as your name, email, phone number, location details, etc. asked under your contact information. This concludes the first step.
  • Complete the survey by answering the questions about your visit to the Village Inn, request or suggestion.
  • Provide feedback on the website design at http://www.villageinn. com/website feedback/
  • It is essential to be aware of the privacy policy enforced by the village inn when taking the survey: https: //

The reason for creating the Village Inn Customer Feedback Survey:

The survey aims to evaluate whether the services provided by the restaurant are able to achieve customer satisfaction. It also focuses on knowing any negative experiences faced by customers, and to work towards solving the issue by analyzing it accurately.

The objective of this survey was to obtain data required for the improvement as well as enhancement of the restaurant and thereby meet the requirements of its customer.

By taking this survey, you have ensured that your next visit to the Village Inn will be better than the previous ones.


On the successful completion of this survey, you will automatically win a validation code which can be redeemed on your next purchase.

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