(Tellthebell) Taco Bell Survey [Win Gift]

Food is life and nothing can beat that. Tacos are love and people enjoy the cuisine a lot.  Taco Bell is a popular chain of restaurants that have the customer satisfaction survey which takes into account the views of customers and help them with improvement in future.  tellthebell.com is the place where one can visit and be free enough to voice their thoughts.

By taking some time out of your life and completing the survey you are getting to be a part of the sweepstake and thus can win a cash prize of $500 in future. It’s easy and eligibility criteria to are simple. One has to be above eighteen years of age and a United States citizen to be a part of the survey.

It is another way helping one to improve their experiences with the food served. The reviews are kept confidential by the restaurant chain and used to take further measurements and strategic plans for betterment.



It’s a very popular restaurant chain based in Irvine, California. It’s an Irvine based fast food chain that has a wide variety of mouth-watering food to serve you. It serves a range of foods including nachos, quesadillas, burritos, and of course, tacos. The chain has a loyal base of more than 2 billion customers every year and located in more than 6,500 locations. Mostly it has U.S. establishments and more proportion of independent franchisees of the chain.

Taco Bell, founded by Glen Bell, first opened in 1946 as a hot dog stand called Bell’s Drive-In in California. Taco was not that popular long back. But the burger seller had other ideas. Taco was a popular Mexican delicacy only in Mexico but Bell took a challenge to bring in crispy Taco shell to the world and America. And boom! It was a hit and became the best seller.

Tellthebell Requirement

1)You definitely need an internet connection for visiting Oline website portal. A laptop or a mobile would do.

2)Get the survey receipt from Taco Bell chain.

3) Fulfil the eligibility criteria of being 18 years and more and a resident of U.S.

Tellthebell Login

1)Firstly open the site tellthebell.com.

2)You will see the sample receipt popping up the right side of the screen. Read the instructions for completing the survey safe and sound.

3)Look at the sixteen digit survey code o your survey receipt and carefully fill in the digits online to start the process. Click on the start button.

4)Go through the set of questions properly asked about the Taco Bell service.

5) Be honest and transparent about your answers.

6) After successful survey completion, you would be added to a sweepstake if you are eligible, that is, age 18 years or more and a resident of United States.

7)Give your valid contact information and click on next to complete. If you are the lucky winner, you would get a callback.

8)You will get a message telling you that you are entered in the sweepstakes. You can click on the link at the bottom of the page to view the official sweepstakes rules.

Tellthebell Sweepstake

The sweepstake is sponsored by Taco Bell Corp. Legal residents of 50 states of United States are eligible. But relatives and family of employees, other restaurant employees, promoters and administrators are not allowed to participate.

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