IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey

Every day, IHOP  offers you a huge breakfast that satisfies all your hunger and food cravings.

It is located in the United States of America, and they welcome and treat all of the customers with exceptional services and a hearty breakfast.

Every time that you visit them,  you enjoy an improved and much better service than the last time. This is all possible through their IHOP  guest satisfaction surveys.

The restaurant appreciates the opinion and suggestions provided by the customers.  

This survey is not lengthy and non-comprehensive, as it can be quickly completed in no time.


What is the IHOP?

The IHOP  is a group of restaurants and is proudly one of America’s best ones.  Glendale,  which is based in California and part of the international house of pancakes, LLC  and its affiliates are the one which franchises and operates the IHOP  restaurants.

Dine Equity is the owner of the subsidiary of international house of pancakes.


The following are the requirements to participate in the IHOP:

  •  An Internet connection which is fast,  reliable and stable.
  •  A cell phone or a computer to take make entries and to take part in the survey.
  • Some Free time you need to set aside for the survey.
  • The receipt of enrollment which is provided to you at the time when participating in this survey.

IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey

The following are the guidelines to be followed by the participation of the customer in the IHOP  guest satisfaction survey:

  • You will need to visit the server web page found on the official web page of IHOP  at www.ihop.com.
  • You can choose the Preferred language, whether it is English and Spanish.
  • To continue the survey,  you will need to click on the “ next”  button.
  • On your receipt,  you will find a server code printed. This server code has to be entered in the blank space found on the web page.
  • To continue to click on the next button.


The IHOP  believes that your opinion enables them to enhance and improve the customer Experience At their restaurants across the regions of The United States of America.

They believe in completely satisfying the cravings and desires of the customers who dine at their restaurants.

They make sure that the experience and services provided by them, is much better when compared to the last time when you visited so that it creates a difference in the service leading to more visits to the restaurant.

Again, it is a very effective way to understand the customer and know what they want from the restaurant and what makes them happy about visiting the restaurant.

They strive towards putting a satisfied smile on every customer who walks out of their Restaurant doors after a  hearty meal.


IHOP knows that you spend your time and energy filling out the online guest satisfaction surveys,  so they offer you free IHOP coupons and several exciting offers that come with them.

These rewards are offered to all the customers who dine at their restaurants.

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