(Talktosonic) Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey

Surveys serve the best purpose for people and also an organisation. One can voice their thoughts and views on the purchase and thus the organisation can easily bank upon those opinions for future betterment. Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey is one such platform where one can easily voice their feedback as a part of their visit and experience.

The survey can only be done within fourteen days of the purchase being made so that your next visit gets better. The survey is basically guest feedback based bunch of questions that help to assess the rate of customer satisfaction and views. It will just take less than ten minutes to complete the survey and on completion, one gets a code for an offer in future.


Sonic Drive-in

Located in  Shawnee, Oklahoma, Sonic Drive-in is one of the well known fast food restaurant chains that have been serving people for a well known time with delicious dishes. Founded in 1953, it quickly expanded to an estimated 3,500 restaurants, which serve 3 million customers every day. The menu has varied options including burgers and french fries. Certain days bring in special food items like chilli dogs, onion rings and sandwiches. This is quite an easy bargain for on-road passengers as one can easily order through intercoms and easily get the ordered menu through drive-in sites. Patio seating sites are too available.

www.talktosonic.com Requirements

1)One needs to have a mobile or a laptop to access the online web portal with a good internet connection.

2) One needs to be a customer for the Drive-in and have the receipt that contains the code.

3)Have a good fluent hold on reading English or Spanish.

www.talktosonic.com Procedure

1)Most importantly, one has to fill in the survey within fourteen days of the purchase done.

2)Get the receipt and the Guest Survey invitation and log on to  talktosonic.com for further help.

3)Look at the ID number at the bottom of the receipt and carefully fill the detail on the site and then click start to proceed further.

4) Answer the series of questions asked with honesty and transparency that would help both the party to excel better.

5) Rate your satisfaction level.

6)Give a description of how the service can get better on your next visit with Sonic Drive-in.

7)Continue answering another bunch of questions within few minutes.

8)on completing the survey, one will get a validation code one can use to recharge the offer printed on their receipt. Jot down the code and use it to get your offer for the next visit.

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