Shaws Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Shaws grocery shops are located in several countries such as the Rhode Island, Maine,  Massachusetts,  Vermont, New Hampshire and several other countries as well.

When compared to the local grocery shops in the area, the prices of the Shaws grocery shops are a bit high. Most of these grocery shops can be found in an attached pharmacy and Bakery.

The company has expanded and improved the business considerably in the US food markets, and today they have their stores around 200 locations.


What is the Shaws customer satisfaction survey?

The Shaws are a line of grocery stores found all over the United States of America. The company believes in providing the customers with healthy food packed with nutritious ingredients, and they enable people to eat healthy.

They collect the customer preferences and other information which enables them to serve the customers better.

What all do you require to participate in the survey

  • An Internet connection which is fast,  reliable and stable.
  • A cell phone or a computer to take make entries and to take part in the survey.
  • Some Free time you need to set aside for the survey.
  • The receipt of enrollment which is provided to you at the time when participating in this survey.

How to take the Shaws customer satisfaction survey?

  • You can visit the survey link at their official website
  • You need to choose the state and the store where you have entered and purchased your groceries at. Then to continue,  you need to click on the next button which can be found at the left corner of the webpage.
  • A calendar will appear where you need to enter the date that you purchased at the store.
  • Make an entry of your email address and your time of visit. You will also need to enter the Casio operator number in the blank space.
  • You can choose the option to receive information about exciting deals, coupons, and updates at Shaws.
  • The final step involved is to rate your satisfaction by answering the questions that are put forward to you to enhance your shopping experience at Shaws.
  • The next page takes you to the end of the survey,  and the web page will enter you into the sweepstakes.

The reason behind creating the Shaws  customer satisfaction survey

Shaw’s chain of grocery stores wish to know the customers better and ensure that the customers enjoy a service of highest quality and as per the customer’s desire.

For this reason, they have launched the Shaws customer satisfaction survey so that they improve their services and allow you to experience better along with doing good in their businessas well.

If you wish to share your suggestions or opinions about a particular service that is offered at Shaws, or if you have a better way or suggestion that can be implemented by the store to enhance the experience of customers in general, then all you need to do is join the Shaws customer satisfaction survey.


After the completion of this Shaw’s customer satisfaction survey, you will probably be the winner of 4 Shaws  Supermarket gift cards for the amount of $400, under the monthly draw.

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