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www.postalexperience.com/pos: It’s the age of technology but some services are beyond time. U.S Postal Service is one such thing which the residents of U.S. have always experienced it to the best.

It focuses on giving services to the recipients of mail along with the senders thereby working both the ways towards getting business to the Postal service.

At the same time it aims to get families and friends together through postal service. To keep a track on services the USPS has created an online survey portal for customers. It takes very less amount of time to open the portal and share your views.

In other words, you can post your views in the portal with complete freedom. Anything you feel should improve the process of USPS or even complaints against misplacement of parcels sent through the postal service of US, the same can be reported as you have an option to register a complaint online on the survey.

In this manner USPS keeps a track on the work process. Also, spending a few minutes on this survey, will help in getting transparency in tasks performed by the Postal Service.

Again, the survey helps the Postal service in resolving the issues relating to the complaints raised on this platform thereby making sure that people do not face any challenges in future. So go ahead and do the survey by visiting  postalexperience.com/pos and do the survey.



United States Postal Service Survey

The United States Postal Service is not a one-day organization. The Postal Service of United states has its roots going back to 1775. It is a government organization which is set up to help public in sending mails easily and successfully.

It is maintained by United States Constitution. It works for faster and better delivery of mails in the United States and conjoint states.

It provides different shipping rates and delivery charges that are applicable based on the process.

As of 2014, the company operated 211,264 mail vehicles across the nation. There were 625,113 employees of the United States Postal Service in the year 2016.

With improved technology inculcated in other services even though there is tough competition observed by the US Postal service, the organization looks forward to making their platform better by using various improvised aspects.

U.S. Postal Service Survey Requirement

1)First, you will need a United States Postal Service survey receipt to log on to the website.

2)An internet connection is of course needed.

3) Finally spend some time by logging into the online site for your future help.

Survey @ www.postalexperience.com/pos

1) Got to the web and open  www.postalexperience.com/pos. at first.

2) Keep the United States Postal Service Receipt ready with you.

3) Select the language you are comfortable with to complete the survey.

4) Click on the next button.

5) Carefully enter the zip code written on your USPS receipt.

6) Next, select the location of delivery or purchase.

7) Enter the date of your USPS receipt.

8) Once you come across the questions, carefully read them and answer them honestly .

9)Finally, click on ‘submit’ option to end the procedure.

And you are done!

Now, they provide a large number of services taking into count Postal holidays, passport application and several other businesses growing methods on the online portal.

Important Links

Survey Website: www.postalexperience.com/pos

You can track your delivery and also file a claim and demand your money back.

Lots of options are available on the site and thereby get the best out of it.

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  1. Wanted to mail a quilt book to someone today….was denied the service, Instead I was charged $9..56 for domestic ground service. Priority mail was not even offered to me which would have been cheaper. I was so shocked at the price that I paid the amount. I feel ripped off. Why can’t an instruction book be sent media mail? Because it has pictures???
    My tracking number was 9534 6117 814 8086 2295 10 ………. transaction #:727 ….Receipt #:016506

    Give me an answer someone!!

  2. On Monday March 26th I asked Michelle at my Post Office in South Wellfleet, MA if any of the cards I was mailing needed extra postage. Michelle carefully checked & double checked each of the three cards testing carefully then advised me that extra postage was needed. Two of the cards were going to my grandchildren so I was thrilled that the necessary postage was applied.
    This is the kind of service one looks for and can depend on at my South Wellfleet,MA 02663 Post Office. A great team of professionals who take great care of their customers.

  3. Every time I go to the post office on Avenida del Oro in Oceanside, Ca I am greeted by the friendliest most efficient staff. Today was a particularly good day when Eddie helped me send 5 pkgs to various locations. Seems the zip codes I have been using were wrong and have been for years, no wonder pkgs were always arriving late. Thank you!

  4. The girls at Lighthouse Point Post Office have it together Always smiling and very pleasant to serve their customers.

  5. Mailed priority pkg from Alamo, Tx to Round Rock, Tx. Tracking showed delivered Aoril4th. Now when I check it went to Connecticut and will get delivered Monday the ninth. I would say my experience for the third time, same reason is not good. Why pay for priority if it can’t be carried out?!

  6. The lady at the Delmar post office was so very nice and helpful. She made it so easy and explained it to me and my husband. My receipt number is 3521700054 on April 9,2018

  7. Waynesboro Post Office- Waynesboro Georgia. I stand in line for twenty minutes only one Clerk working. The postmaster walking around asking people if they has a pickup. Only two people has a pick up, everyone need other service. Line out the door but know help from the postmaster. Postmaster did not show no concern toward the customer.

  8. It took less than 5 minutes to be waited on. The service time was probably less than that. The cashier was very nice and professional. Helping with a friendly smile . Tyler Texas 75702 On MLK L

  9. I use the PO in St Peters MO. A secret shopper needs to be hired to rate the front line of postal workers. Only one wears a smile and greets customers. The majority never smile or acknowledge the customer when their number is called. The supervisor occasionally looks up at everyone, never smiles!

  10. My local post office is amazing! Had a box sent back from customs due to an unauthorized item. It was a silly thing but it is what it is. The workers there were wonderful and sent the package along with no extra charge. Ponca City, OK.

  11. My Post office on 4301 Brookfield Dr, Sacramento, Calif. is in terrible need of land scape work. Tree’s are in need of trimming. It has become a hazard driving thru the entrance. Grass is not mowed, dead
    tree’s should be removed.

    The customer service people seems to be very nice. But, cannot do anything pertaining to management responsibility.

  12. Edinburg Texas , Post Master was not people friendly…The barrel to mail was to the top went inside and let them now..please in mine anyone can put mail out.

  13. Appreciate all the helpful customer service I receive @ my Post Office in Greenville, Tx. Mailed a gift to my granddaughter. Was able to borrow scissors to giftwrap last minute purchase, Post Master found the right box for everything then taped box very securely. Took care of everything with a smile

  14. The young lady at Battle Lake,MN post office was very helpful in picking out the perfect stamps for the Mother’s Day cards. She is always helpful and cordial.

  15. On May 14th, I was at the Raytown Branch Post Office mailing a brown 8X12 envelope and had question on the label and address position on the envelope that I had made. I also put same on the back side of the envelope; the clerk – Ms. Jacqueline was very helpful and very nicely told me not to put same on the back side because it might get hung up in the machines or misread if turned over during the scanning procedures. I told her I did not know that. I was trying to reiterate on the handwriting by reproducing the address twice. Thank you. /j

  16. Great job to the employee’s at the Post Office at New Augusta 8401 Moller Rd Indianapolis, In 46268=9998

    Especially to Carol. She is always a big help and knowledgeable. She always has a big smile on her face. Treats co-worker and customers with the most respect.

  17. Diane is always very helpful when i need to mail a package, Always great to stop in and see her and Liz, Both a huge help anytime

  18. On May 15, I paid to have a $4,000 check sent to someone through certified mail. I was told and its stated on the receipt that the check would arrive by May 18. It is May 29 and the check is still not there.
    Per the tracking statement on May 29, the check is in route to its final destination.
    “This makes no sense?

  19. On May 15, I mailed a $4000 check to someone using the U. S. Postal Services. I was told and its listed on my receipt that the package would reach it’s destination on May 18. It’s May 29 and according to the tracking statement, the package is in route to the final destination on May 29..
    This makes no d__ sense,

  20. I went to the Eagle Creek Post Office on May 29 & was VERY pleased with the service I received there. I was in the lobby trying to decide which envelope to use & to find the correct label to send it overnight. At that time, Michelle White, the manager came into the lobby, offering to help if I had any questions. She answered my questions, then helped me with the entire process, including using the machine in the lobby to send my envelope. While I was filling out my form, Michelle helped two other people who came in. She was very knowledgeable, professional & personable. She was impressive in her conversations, including with two small children there with their mom. Michelle saved me a lot of time by helping me through the process!

  21. The Memphis branch at Mendenhall is always most enthusiastic, hospitable and helpful.

    I just wish there were more of them on duty so we can shorten the time standing in line.

    Keep up the good work.

  22. My second time at the Archer Ave /Sutphin post office in Jamaica queens NyC and had a most wonderful experience. The office was clean and staff as usual were quite helpful;even lending me a tape to seal my package when I could not purchase one. Five stars to y’all. Keep up the good work.

  23. Big Rapids Michigan post office clerk very helpful with return receipt request information. I am a senior citizen and appreciate the extra time spent helping me.

  24. Nicole at the Morang and Harper post office was very professional helping send my priority mail. She greeted me with a smile throughout the process and explained to me how to track my package, I just wanted to say thanks to the postal service for having such a key employee as Nicole, keep up the fabulous work.

  25. Posted a book at Catonsville post office. Renee, clerk 07 was the provider. She was borderline rude. No customer service provided. Did the job but overall very blunt and rude. Made one feel like you were supposed to be serving her.

  26. My complaint is not so much about the service I received but one of the policies. I wanted to change an address for a relative that is in a rehabilitation facility for an undetermined length of time. I learned that should I do so, once he left the facility, the rehabilitation facility would be responsible from then on for forwarding his mail once he left the facility and I would no longer be able to change it back, once he is released. I can’t understand the reason for this policy.

  27. Went into the post office today and the clerk was rude. She thought I was trying to tell her how to do her job as she gave me a priority envelope and said DON’T seal it yet. I told her I know not to seal it yet, this is not my first time mailing a package and she said oh you trying to tell me how to do my job. I guess she was having a bad day but when u dealing with customers u have to smile when you don’t want to!! This is the second time in less than two weeks that a mail clerk has been rude in Conway Arkansas at the Hogan Lane post office!!

  28. I Reside in Sea Cliff, NY But Always Go To The Post Office Located In Glen Head. The Employees Are So Helpful & Remember Who Everyone Is. Great Customer Service. Freddy & Evelyn Are The BEST!!

  29. Awhile ago I overnighted a package to my son from Atwater, Ca. To Oroville, .ca. Now it wasn’t what people normally mail. I mailed this to my son a few times prior to this day. The lady working told me there is a new postal regulation that packages sent that smell that good has to be tested by the postal workers. I was mailing my son home made cinnamon rolls.lol. so I went home and brought everyone cinnamon rolls. In Atwater ‘s they are always friendly and helpfull

  30. Usually never get a rude person at any post office I ever visit. The prices for mailing packages over night is a bit high. I mailed a 5lb. 7.9oz package to Livingston .ca. From Parrish Al over night on August 9 2018 and it cost me $69.70. They need to look at their prices and maybe lower them a little. The post office isn’t the best way to send packages like they used to be.

  31. My experience at the Prescott Post Office has been great!!! Just yesterday I was in the process of mailing a Mouse that my son had left during his visit this weekend. It was in a small box and as I entered the post office the tape I had used to hole the box together came undone. The manager viewed my concerns and before you could say Help she came up and said it looks like you need some help; took the box from me and before I could make it to the open window was back with it all properly sealed. What can I say other than she was Great I couldn’t express myself enough to such a wonderful lady.

  32. I had the most wonderful experience yesterday at the Prescott Post Office. I was in a hurry to mail my son’s mouse back to him which he had left on the table when he and his wife visited us this weekend. I wrapped it up in a small box and taped it up , labeled it and headed for the post office. As I left the car and headed for the door I noticed that the tape wasn’t sticking to the box and as I was about to turn around and leave this wonderful lady, who I believe was the post office manager said: “Excuse me but it looks like you have a little problem. Please let me take your box for a moment and I will be right back.” Before I could reach the first open window she returned with my box all properly taped up and ready to mail. I didn’t know what to say other than Thank You” but she deserved so much more. Please send her my best regards as she deserves a hug from one of your best customers.

  33. I mailed a packed and paid top dollar for priority mail express delivery and asked that the package be left on the front porch, specifically said no body would be home.
    I just tracked the package and THEY LEFT A NOTICE RATHER THAN LEAVING THE PACKAGE!!

    VERY UNHAPPY. Package Tracking # EL73277699US

  34. Bad experience for one of my first times to attempt mailing a package to my grandkids. The package took nine days “PAST” the estimated arrival date given to me. I would have been okay with a day or two, but not ten. So I started tracking the package after a couple of days and that’s when it got crazy. From Birmingham, Alabama it made it to Greensboro, N. C., destination Wilmington, N.C. Almost there right? Not hardly. Then it is sent to Atlanta GA, then Harrisburg PA, then Lancaster PA, then Dulles VA, then Merrifield VA. Finally after all of this it makes it back to NC and final destination. It was priority mail, whatever that means, and nothing like i expected. Maybe just bad experience, but one I will remember next time.

  35. 1279 W Palmetto Park Post Office. Upon requesting the cheapest way to return mail a small pair of pants, 12.5 x 9.5, the employee behind the counter told me it would be $9.56. Later that same day, I received the replacement pair of the same pants, size, weight in my mailbox. It was sent PRIORITY MAIL for $6.70. I was NEVER GIVEN THAT OPTION! I feel ripped off and cheated. How rude! USPS ripped me off of $2.86. I won’t be as trusting next time.

  36. I just visited the main post office branch in Providence Rhode Island and had the pleasure of being taken care of by Brandie, I believe, I had trouble scanning the receipt for the survey so I could not be as detailed but I certainly hope Brandie get sick knowledged for her treatment with me today but I’m sure this is not her first positive review. She was working the passport or citizenship window I believe but called on people in line for the regular shipping window every opportunity she had without any pause. She just had a wonderful disposition and was extremely helpful and kind with me and with others that I witnessed her tending to. I’m sure that there are many others that feel the same way about this young lady but do not take the time to answer simple surveys although it wasn’t that easy for me to scan the receipt even after going to the site. There’s also a very friendly atmosphere outside of Brandie’s window as well

  37. 840-5335-0021-00029-58599-02 – 10810 Boyette Rd., Riverview, FL 33569-9998 – Service provided by Charles was excellent. Thank you.

  38. Was told a small package was delievered to me on 12/14/18 but I never recieved it, I complained about it 3 times It took them 5 whole extra days before they delievered my $31. item. In otherwords, the post office not only lied about my package, they cheated me of time!


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