Perkins Guest Experience Survey

The Perkins Guest Experience Survey is designed to analyze the amount of satisfaction the customers have. This opportunity of providing the company with their feedback is provided to the customers so that they could voice their opinions and change the things they didn’t like the services. This is a very modern tool of communication between a company and its customers. You can take Perkins Guest experience survey at and


Perkins Guest Experience Survey

Through this, a company can get the data from the real world and more importantly its customers on how to go about running the business. Their satisfaction dictates the changes in the services provided by the company. If the customers are not satisfied then the company needs to change the way the business is being run and if the customers are satisfied then it needs to just continue working hard.

What is Perkins?

Perkins is a restaurant opened up in 1958 and is currently being run in more than 400 locations throughout the USA and Canada. It also has a division that primarily deals with baked products called Foxtail. This company produces muffins, cookies, pancakes etc. Perkins is a casual restaurant which focusses on the classic style of eating that has been incorporated since its advent.

Perkins Guest Experience Survey Requirements

The requirements to participate are very basic and not demanding. Those are:

  • An internet device which can be used to visit the survey website. Such as a laptop or smartphone
  • A stable internet connection so that the survey can be completed without losing connection
  • A receipt of the last visit to the restaurant
  • Basic understating of the English language – take the survey

The basic procedure to take the survey are listed below

  • Goto the official website
  • Enter the store number in the box provided and check the date from the survey invitation.
  • Enter the 15 digit survey code that has been mentioned in the receipt

  • Enter the name of the server which is also mentioned at the bottom of the receipt.
  • Answer all the questions truthfully
  • Once all the questions have been answered click on submit
  • Submitting the survey will get you a coupon code which must be noted to be used in the future.

Perkins Guest Experience Survey Purpose

This survey is created for the sole reason of making the service and food quality better and as per the demand of the customer. Perkins gives their customers a great respect and believes that it is them that could really make or break a business. The feedbacks are very carefully analyzed by the highest officials of Perkins who then decide what steps to take so that the company could provide even better experience to the people who come to dine at their 400 restaurants across North America. Good feedbacks work as a motivational tool for the company to continue working hard for their satisfied customers and be a leader in the dining experience.


The coupon code which is generated after completing the survey can be used at any of the 400 restaurants to buy food.

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