Meijer Customer Feedback Survey

Meijer Strives to improve further its quality of products and services  that are provided by them at the store.

For this purpose, it requires your opinion, suggestions, and feedback to know all of your expectations and also whether each of your expectation is satisfied at Meijer.

You can share your opinion and suggestions with the company by taking active participation in this customer feedback survey.


What is the Meijer?

Meijer is a retailer chain of Hypermarket where you can get all kinds of goods, groceries, and items at this department store. It was established in the year 1934, and it has been a family business since its very initiation.

In the year 1962, it adopted the modern supermarket concept in its everyday dealings.  

The pride themselves in offering exceptional services, high-quality food, and the freshness of tantalizing Aroma.

The core value of this business lives in the healthiness of the customers as well as safety and precaution adopted.

Meijer customer feedback survey Requirement

The following are the requirements for customers to participate in the Meijer customer feedback survey:

  • An Internet connection which is fast,  reliable and stable.
  • A cell phone or a computer to take make entries and to take part in the survey.
  • Some Free time you need to set aside for the survey.
  • The receipt of enrollment which is provided to you at the time when participating in this survey.

Meijer  customer feedback survey

The following are the guidelines for customers to take part in the Meijer  customer feedback survey

  • Visit the Meijer official website at
  • On your receipt that you receive at the retail stores,  you will find a 20 digit security code.  This code is to be entered on the web page.
  • Give the ratings of your satisfaction for the services provided as well as for the goods offered to you at the retailer stores, as well as rate your shopping experience. You are also required to give your ratings for the cleanliness of the store, the availability of goods, the freshness of items, the quality of the goods, the friendliness of the cashier, and the speed of checkout of your items at the retail stores.
  • You are required to give your opinion so any suggestions about the assistance and the services rental to you.
  • After answering all of the questions put forward to you by the website,  you can make a choice or whether to enter the sweepstakes.
  • If you choose to enter the sweepstakes, then you will be required to fill in your name, email address and phone number to collect your price if you are the winner of the sweepstakes.

The reason behind creating the Meijer  Survey

The main reason behind creating the Meijer official website is to get an idea of the customer feedback, suggestions, and opinions. Another reason is also to know the different ways  in which they can improve the services that they give at the retail stores,

Meijer  Survey Reward

On entry into the Meijer Customer feedback survey, You get the opportunity of winning a$1,000  gift card.

1 thought on “Meijer Customer Feedback Survey”

  1. To the upper management of Meijers. Do you ever shop at your stores on Sunday ? I’m guessing that Sunday has to be one of the busiest days of the week as many shop after church. I am one of those customers, however, without exception it is getting harder and harder to shop your store as, without exception, if, you get there at 1:00 P.M., or later, many times when I am doing my weekly shopping, your store is out of stock on many of the items I need?? I can,t imagine the $$sales$$ you are losing on what could the busiest day of the week. Too bad I’m not the CEO…..this would stop immediately. So, I went Thanksgiving shopping yesterday, Sunday, Nov. 18,, started out needing milk.and sure enough, NO….. 2% Meijer milk. WHAT ?????
    That immediately set me off and pushed me over the edge. So I took my list to Payless and spent over $350 there!!!!!


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