J.D. Power and Associates New Vehicle Buyer Survey

The J.D Power surveys are quite popular and reliable and are always seen to bring some change in the customer experience.

The J.D. Power and Associates New Vehicle Buyer Survey were conducted with the objective of measuring the quality of the new car purchased by the customer and evaluating any problems or issues faced by them in the first 90 days of buying the car.

J.D. Power surveys are a benchmark for the manufacturers around the globe to design and produce cars as per the information provided by the customer about their requirements.

These manufacturers rely on the survey conducted by J.D. Power and associates to gain insight into the need and expectation of the customer concerning the design and utility of the car.

According to the latest survey, the customer satisfaction concerning the quality of new vehicles is at the highest level ever.


What is J.D. Power and Associates?

Started in the year 1997, the American-based company J.D. Power and Associates have emerged as the biggest global marketing information services company all around the globe.

The primary objective of J.D. Power and Associates is to conduct surveys for gaining insights into the quality of the product, the variable behavior of buyers, customer satisfaction, etc.

The range of industries which these surveys benefit is huge and includes industries such as advertising, marketing, cars, etc.

Initially, their services were restricted to India, but now it has reached several other countries such as Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia.

J.D. Power and associates are responsible for collecting data and information globally and also from millions of customers annually.

The data acquired by them is taken as a benchmark for several industries who are striving to achieve good quality products as per the needs of the customer and customer satisfaction.

The most popular survey which they conduct is the new vehicle buyer satisfaction survey which is used by the manufactures to design and produce a better car.


There are no demanding requirements to complete the survey. To take the J.D. Power and Associates New Vehicle Buyer Survey, the pre-requisites are as follows:

  • A device like a mobile or a laptop with stable internet connection.
  • Should be a citizen of United States.
  • An eight-digit code on the invitation letter.
  • Basic English language knowledge.

J.D. Power and Associates New Vehicle Buyer Survey

  • To take the survey, follow the following procedure.
  • Log in to the survey site at www.jdpower.com/survey/ebs.
  • Fill in all the asked information like details of your new car, date of purchase, etc.
  • In case you are unsatisfied, the survey will ask for the contact information to have the issue addressed.
  • Enter your personal contact details like your name and number and hit the next button.
  • You will get a survey completion page with some promotional offers for you to check.
  • You can browse further if you are interested, but it is not mandatory.


The survey aims to analyze customer satisfaction or the problems and issues faced by them after purchasing a new vehicle. The information obtained from this survey is utilized by the manufacturers to produce a better car.  


By completing the survey successfully, you will automatically be eligible for the chance of winning $100,000. It will also ensure that your customer service is better.

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