H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Survey

Every company aims at strengthening its existing customer base and aims to attract new customers towards its offers. The H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to help the company in retaining its existing customers and building on the existing relationships. If you have visited H-E-B Grocery Stores in the recent past for some shopping, then you can visit their website for the survey and tell them what you liked or not liked about their products or services. Your feedback will provide them with the perception which would make them even happier and satisfied or even improve their service as per suggestions provided therein by you.

You can take this survey at www.heb.com/survey.

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www.heb.com/survey Requirement

In order to participate in the H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Survey, the following are the requirements:

  • A computer, laptop or mobile device with stable internet access.
  • An H-E-B receipt with survey invitation.
  • The person taking the service should have a basic knowledge of English or Spanish.
  • Also, the person taking the survey must be a legal citizen of Texas and
  • The person taking the survey should be aged 18 years or more

H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

Follow the below mentioned steps or procedure to take the H-E-B survey:

  1. Got to the website www.heb.com/survey.
  2. Choose the preferred language.
  3. Key in your certificate code. Click on the option ‘Enter’.
  4. Answer the questions regarding your experience at the H-E-B store as to from where you got your survey invitation and many others.
  5. Provide your contact details.
  6. Click on ‘Next’ to complete the survey.

This survey establishes that they care for you. It would help the company to strengthen the relationship with its existing customers and enhance loyalty with them.

What is H-E-B?

H-E-B Grocery Stores is a supermarket chain which is privately owned and headquartered in San Antonio. It is also popularly called as the HEB Grocery Company. It was founded in the year 1905 by Florence Butt and was initially named as C.C. Butt Grocery Store. It has more than 350 branches across Texas and northern parts of Mexico. HEB also deals with a classy and high-quality food apart from operating the organic store called as the Central Market. The company is placed at the fifteenth position on the Forbes 2014 list among the largest privately owned companies in America.

The HEB Grocery Company used to be very traditional and religious. The company did not open on Sundays and refrained from selling alcoholic drinks until 1976. At present, the company’s operations contribute to more than 55% of the market across Texas.

In today’s modern world, where the customer is much more informed than ever, the customer expects a lot more than just products and services. Companies are encouraging the interaction and communication with the customers over the digital platform as well. Customers are free to share their opinions on the online platforms and social media portals. Likewise, there is also a threat that the unsatisfied customers may even spread a bad word of mouth through these channels. Taking up the survey will lessen the same as the changes as per customers’ suggestions will be made abruptly if required.


Upon successful completion of the survey, you will receive 10 entries in their monthly draw option so as to win a gift card of value USD 500 H-E-B. You will also be allowed to participate in the quarterly draw option and get a chance to win USD 1,000 in cash.

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