Dairy Queen Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have you visited dairy queen? Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the service? In both the case, you should take your valuable time and fill the dairy queen customer satisfaction survey.

If you visited Dairy Queen and was satisfied with the services and the food offered to you then visit the site for survey and fill the required details.

The feedback offered by you really matter and the company will try to make the relevant changes on the basis of your survey. It is a great concern for the restaurant whether you liked the food or not.

This is why the company keeps on asking their customers to provide their feedback in form of the online survey.  You can receive a free offer from DQ and take to the survey.


What is dairy queen?

Dairy Queen is also known as DQ. It is a chain of the ice cream products and also fast food restaurants which is owned by the international dairy queen inc.

The first DQ restaurant was in Illinois and it has been well known for serving the customers with a variety of the frozen products such as soft serve ice creams.

DQ is advertised not as the fast food but as the fan food.


For taking the survey you need following things

  • A reliable internet connection which is consistent so that our survey does not get stuck
  • A pc, computer or mobile phone on which you can take the survey
  • Free time of almost 10 minutes which can be utilized for completing the survey. Your time is valuable and make sure to answer questions truthfully.
  • Survey code printed on the receipt
  • Write validation code on receipt and take that receipt to Dairy Queen next time to redeem your offer
  • The redeeming of offer can be done within 30 days from your last visit.
  • The offer is valid only at the same location of Dairy Queen.


Follow the step by step guide as mentioned below for competing for the Dairy Queen customer satisfaction survey

  • Visits the survey page dqfansurvey.com
  • Enter the 19 digit code of survey which is printed on your receipt
  • Rate the overall experience you had with the restaurant
  • Based on your visit choose what you have ordered and how you felt on your visit
  • Then enter the personal details so that you can qualify for the price winning for the survey

Your feedback

DQ values your feedback and it is in constant search of getting reviews and feedback from their customers. Thus they ask their customers to take the dairy queen customer satisfaction survey.

The restaurant values your feedback and they will make sure that they improve in case of complaints. They make sure that the next experience of the user will be a better one with the dairy queen.


Once you take the survey you will get the validation code in form of rewards for the feedback offered by you. Then take time and fill up the survey and answer the questions which will help you in redeeming the offer.

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