Denny’s listens guest satisfaction survey

‘Denny’s listens Guest satisfaction’ survey believes in getting to know and listening to the customers’ favorite food choices and services as well as their opinions, advice, and suggestions. They place a high value on their customers’ feedback and appreciate that the customers take time to give the company their feedback and complete their surveys.

Customers can take this survey at


[toc] Requirement

The following are the requirements that customers need to fulfil in order to participate in the Denny’s  listens to Guest satisfaction survey:

  • First and foremost while taking the survey, customers have to make sure that they have a fast, reliable and stable Internet connection
  • A cell phone or a computer to take part in the survey.
  • Set aside some free time which is required for the survey.
  • The receipt of enrollment which is provided to you at the time when participating in the survey.

Denny’s Listens to Guest Satisfaction Survey Guide

The following are the steps to guide customers in taking part in the Denny’s  listens to Guest satisfaction survey:

  • Visit the official web page of Denny’s listens And continue to the survey page.
  • Select the language that you are comfortable and start to answer all of the survey questions.
  • Make an entry of the survey code that you find on your receipt that you will receive after payment of the bill.
  • This server code is to be entered in the provided blank space on the survey web page of Denny’s
  • Rate the quality of service provided to you as well as your satisfaction and overall experience at the restaurant. These ratings include the quality of your food, the speed of coffee refills, how hot or cold was your food, the service provided to you at the restaurant, etc.
  • Answer all of the questions put forth to you and complete the survey. upon completion of the survey, you will receive a validation code which you can use to redeem your offer.  You will get a printed code on your receipt itself.

What is Denny’s listens?

Denny’s listens Is a full-service restaurant chain that serves pancakes, coffee and other such foodstuffs for a casual family get together. They also serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert throughout the day. They are one of the most popular restaurants which is always open and which serves yummy delicacies. Another reason which makes these restaurants a popular choice among diners is because they never close on holidays or Nights, except when the law requires them to do so.


‘Denny’s listens’ Offers you a reward which is printed on your receipt itself and upon completion of all the survey questions this reward will be provided to you upon your next visit to the restaurant.

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