Belk customer satisfaction survey

Belk appreciates feedback which is provided to them by you. They value you as the customers and thus value your feedback. The goals of the company are to offer you products that can meet the needs of the customer in terms of quality, fashion, value and customer services. Thus they encourage you to take the Belk customer satisfaction survey as it helps the company to gauge its processes and tasks accordingly in order to meet your requirements.

You can talk about their merchandise, services, stores and also about the suggestions from your end. You can feel free to tell them your Belk experience. You are free to provide both positive and  negative feedback on the forum as it would be of a great value to the company.

You can take the survey at


[toc] Requirement

For filling the survey you need to satisfy the following.

  • Free time so that you can answer questions properly.
  • Internet connection without any interruption
  • Mobile phone or computer for filling the survey.
  • The usage of computer is more as compared to other devices like mobile
  • A recent receipt of the store with 18 digit code printed

Belk Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

Complete the Belk customer satisfaction survey with following steps

  • Visit survey site
  • Enter your 18 digit code which is printed on the receipt
  • Answer the entire question relating to the products and the visit to the store. Belk wishes to know about the overall customer satisfaction through the survey during their recent visit. It also wishes to know about the merchandise quality and the customer satisfaction with regard to costs. The performance and attitude of the workers are also measured with the comments posted on the survey. The overall atmosphere of the shop and the cleanliness is also rated on the survey.
  • Provide your contact details like phone number, name and email address for the notification of prize and sweepstakes.
  • Once the survey gets completed you will enter the sweepstakes

Feedback to Belk

In the current times, the expectations have increased and thus the Belk customer’s satisfaction survey proves to be a great tool which can be used for listening to customers especially about their  level of satisfaction with Belk’s service along with their experience as well.

Belk values your feedback and makes sure that relevant improvements are made in order to meet customers requirements.

Also, Belk appreciates your stand of maintaining a customer-company relationship through this survey. It will help the company in its growth and survival amidst the rivals in the market.

What is Belk Inc?

Belk Inc is one of the largest owned department stores in the country. It was founded in 1888. It has been successful in opening more than 300 stores in different states. Belk is well known for  products in the field of cosmetics, fashion apparel, home furnishings, shoes, wedding registry and accessories. The company competes with a number of other companies in the similar profile area and makes sure to satisfy customers as per the customers’ needs by making improvements based on the feedback received through the form of the survey.

The company makes sure to offer high-quality products to its customers.


When you give your feedback, the same is valued by Belk by providing a chance to the customers who enter the feedback to win a $500 gift card. In other words, when you write your feedback on the survey form, you might get lucky to win a reward of the amount mentioned above from Belk.

You need to complete the feedback within 3 days of the visit to any of the Belk store.

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