Applebee’s customer satisfaction survey

Have you ever visited Applebees? How was your experience? If you have visited the place then please take some time to take up the Applebee’s customer satisfaction survey. The survey mainly aims at reaching the needs and the expectations of the customers and is a way through which the company wishes to improve its services as well as the keep customers happy with the same.

The feedback from customers helps the company to enhance their services as per the customers’ requirements thereby assisting the company to develop the merchandise as well.

You can take this survey at


[toc] Rules

There are certain things which you need before you start filling the Applebee’s customer’s satisfaction survey

  • A reliable internet connection which has no interruption.
  • Computer or mobile phone which can be used for filling the survey.
  • Free time for completing the survey.
  • The recent receipt of the visit to the store of Applebee.

Applebee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

It is very simple to fill and complete the Applebee customer satisfaction survey.

  • Visit the survey site
  • Choose your preferred language from the option given.
  • Enter the receipt number along with the server name, time, date, total due, check number and most importantly the serial number. Once you enter all the details click on ‘enter’ and then continue.
  • Make sure that you enter all the correct information regarding your overall experience while shopping at Applebee.
  • Next enter your birth date and make sure to read the rules. Answer questions like your visit type, occasion and many more.
  • Provide your contact information so that you can qualify for sweepstakes.

Value of your feedback

It is true that you are taking out 10 minutes of your valuable time to write your experience on the survey and hence the same is appreciated by the company by providing you rewards. The value of your feedback is of great importance to the company and they need feedback so as to improve their services. The feedback also helps the company to stay in a competitive market by making the necessary changes as per the customers’ suggestions. The changes done can help in satisfying the customers and their needs.

What is Applebee?

Applebee’s is the well-known company and it features a tasty dining for customers. The company is also well known for their warm services offered to the customers.

Applebee’s is an American company which operates across the world and is popular for selling chicken, pork and beef items. They are also well known for selling burgers, seafood and pasta. They have the signature bar and also the best menu which can draw people to dine in the restaurant. They maintain their taste so that customers remain loyal to them. The feedback and survey help them in improving their services or products wherever needed.


Applebee’s gives complete worth to the feedback given by you as a customer and it also ensures that they better their services and products as per your suggestion. Once you complete the Applebee’s customer satisfaction survey you get a chance to win the lucky lottery of $100 out of the 44 prizes in total. This shows that your feedback will be valued in both the improvement as well as the rewards terms. You have 10 chances of winning $1000 daily and also to win the instant prize of $1500 weekly.

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