Talk to El Fenix Guest Feedback Survey

Talk to El Fenix Guest Feedback Survey

This is yet another survey about the customer satisfaction at a dining place. As we keep on saying, there is a lot more to customer satisfaction than just tasty food. It also matters a lot whether you were happy or unhappy with the quality of service you experienced at the place where you visited.

The ambiance and the behavior of the support staff again play a vital role in affecting the satisfaction level of the customers.

If you have recently feasted at an El Fenix outlet and wish to give your feedback on their food and service, this is the best occasion to do so.

El Fenix is committed to valuing your opinion and keen to utilize your views to improve their food and services for better customer satisfaction.

El Fenix also offers to reward the customers who are participating in the guest feedback survey. You will be rewarded with a coupon code which can be redeemed during your next visit.

What is El Fenix?

El Fenix is a chain of restaurants specializing in Asian Cuisine. They operate mainly in Dallas, Texas. The string has its HQ in Texas.

It was founded by Paul Martinez in the year 1918. It was later offered to an investment company on May 30, 2008.

This place is always so much in demand that most of the times the queue is long enough to come out of the hotel and it leads till the nearby streets!!

El Fenix started almost ten decades ago and has now grown to be a leading Mexican restaurant chain in Texas and Oklahoma. It is famous for its signature “Tex-Mex cuisine” and the Wednesday “Enchilada Dinner Special”.

The name has been inspired by the Spanish word “the Phoenix”.

What all do you require to Participate in the Survey?

In order to participate in the Talk to El Fenix Guest Feedback Survey, following are the necessities:

  • Some free time – most important
  • A computer, laptop or mobile device
  • An uninterrupted internet connection
  • An EL FENIX receipt with survey invitation.
  • A basic knowledge of English or Spanish.

How to take the Survey?

Following is the step by step procedure to take the survey:

  1. Visit the official survey website following the link
  2. Take up the ticket from your most recent visit at El Fenix and click on the “Next” button.
  3. If yes, enter the restaurant number and click on “Next”.
  4. Honestly answer all the questions.
  5. Also suitably respond to the questions such as friendliness of Staff, the ambiance of the restaurant and the overall quality of the food.
  6. Once you have finished the survey, you shall receive your validation code which can be used on your next visit to El Fenix!

The Purpose of Talk to El Fenix Guest Feedback Survey:

This survey wishes to know about the existing quality of food and services offered at El Fenix, and what are the various scopes of improvement.


Once you have finished the survey, you shall receive your validation code which can be used on your next visit to El Fenix!

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